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Report Election Corruption

Examples of corruption are:

To report a bribe or abuse by SMS send it to 0111 939 7878. Include a short description of what you have witnessed along with your location and we will plot this on the map.

To post a report online click on the 'Add Report' button. Add a title of your report, click on the map to mark it's location and tell us the date of when the incident happened. You can also add a link and a description but these are not required.

We do not store any of your details, IP address or where you are from. Posting a report is completely anonymous.


Federal Election Bribe & Abuse Map

This time we are operating a fully interactive map that you can add your information to! So, if for example you have seen BN candidates handing money around longhouses or were in Beluru and disgusted at the sight of James Masing forcing land owners to parade before the cameras holding cheques for dividends, as if they were receiving 'gifts' from BN, then mark the incident down on the map (we already have this time) as an example of election bribery and corruption. This way we can register BN's election crimes over the next few weeks.

Rightfully, one day these crimes will catch up with their perpetrators.